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Auto Insurance in Alberta: It’s the Law

Be it a car, RV or motorcycle, if you drive a motor vehicle in Alberta, you are required to have the following two types of coverage:

  1. Third Party Liability- This covers a certain amount of damage, for which the driver is legally at fault. This includes injury or death to another person or damage to property.

  2. Accident Benefits- These are benefits that you, along with certain family members and passengers, are to receive if injured or killed in an accident. This includes payment of medical expenses – treatment and rehabilitation – and loss of income due to injuries sustained during the accident. It also covers funeral costs and grief counseling for the family.

The next two types of coverage are optional but recommended:

  1. Collision- This covers damage to the automobile from an accident, including rollovers and collisions.

  2. Comprehensive- This coverage protects against damages not directly related to driving, such as fire, theft, vandalism, environmental damage and collisions with an animals.

At Norwest Insurance Agencies, we provide all types of auto insurance – even for antique vehicles. To learn more, give us a call.

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